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An Outdoors Brand For Dads, By Dads.

The Dad Hunt Co. is more than just a brand; it's a tribute to the shared experiences, laughter, and lessons learned on the hunting grounds with the men who shaped us. We take pride in embracing this cherished connection between generations and strive to create apparel that reflect the spirit of fatherhood and the great outdoors.

Join us in honoring the traditions that connect generations and create lasting memories in the wild.

  • Texas, US

  • North Carolina, US

  • Kentucky, US

  • Georgia, US

  • Saskatchewan, CA

  • Pennsylvania, US

  • Missouri, US

  • North Carolina, US

  • Colorado, US

  • Alberta, CA

  • Tennessee, US

  • Utah, US

  • Tennessee, US

  • New York, US

  • Ontario, CA

  • Louisiana, US

  • Ohio, US

  • Ontario, CA

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  • Tyler Carruth - Texas, US

    I love the shirt and hats I have from The Dad Hunt Co. This brand makes great quality gear and allows me to rep my pride as a father and my passion for the outdoors all in one!

  • Casey Schrader - Colorado, US

    "As a fellow hunting dad, I really appreciate The Dad Hunt Co. Quality apparel that matches one of the biggest aspects of my life, hunting with my family."

  • Cody Ray - Pennsylvania, US

    "Love the hats & shirts! Both are high quality!! 10/10"

  • Gilles Guerin - Ontario, CA

    "Great quality hats and awesome to deal with!"

  • Lee Hartzler - Ohio, US

    "Bought a shirt from them this past year, and it fits and feels great! I wear it weekly, so it gets washed weekly. It's holding up great, looks new! I will definitely be purchasing more in the future!"

  • Bradley Collings - Tennessee, US

    "Appeals to real hunters trying to pass on the passion and experience that is the outdoors to their kids!"

  • Steven Elliott - Alberta, CA

    "Great small company that promotes 'raising kids in the wild', I can get behind that!"

  • Joshua Araujo - Tennessee, US

    "The Dad Hunt Co. is a small business that I definitely support! High quality apparel and their mission to promote Fathers teaching their kids how to hunt is something that really resonates with me!"

  • Jacob Ziadie - Georgia, US

    "Hits the nail on the head! Great clothing and great idea"

  • Alex McMullen - Missouri, US

    "Great products and a great way to represent all the hunting dads out there. The Dad Hunt Co. ensures at least one more generation gets to enjoy this!"

  • Jeremy Patterson - Maryland, US

    "Great company delivering a great message!"

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